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Asphalt Overlay Brisbane

Need services for asphalt overlay in Brisbane? Blacktop Asphalt Repairs offers overlay services including asphalt sealcoating and overlay on concrete pavement. If you’ve got an older or heavily trafficked asphalt area that has started to show cracking or sinking, then it might be possible to overlay that area with new asphalt. This is a perfect measure to safely refurbish a worn spot, without resorting to a major relaying operation. In addition, paying for an asphalt overlay cost is more affordable than major asphalt repair.

How It Works

After the initial assessment to ensure that an asphalt overlay is possible, the area is cleaned and swept of interfering material. It is then covered with a tack coat, which is topped with asphalt for a smooth finish.

Asphalt Overlay on Concrete Pavement

When you have a deteriorating concrete but don’t have the budget for a major repair yet, an asphalt overlay on concrete pavement is the next best option. Act fast and contact Blacktop Asphalt Repairs for any of your asphalt overlay needs. Asphalt overlay on concrete needs to be done at the early stage of pavement deterioration, otherwise it’s not going to last long. So, as soon as you see a sign of damage on your concrete driveway or walkway, talk to us right away.

But, the job doesn’t end when the overlaying is done. Providing continual care to your asphalt surfaces is the best way of ensuring their longevity. Without frequent inspections and routine maintenance, you risk degradation and damage that will cost more in the long term, as well as requiring more intensive reworking, which will take longer and be more disruptive.

A new asphalt overlay will rejuvenate any tired areas, giving them the appearance of new asphalt. It’s not all aesthetic, though. The overlay will provide the structural benefits of new asphalt, so you can be sure that your high-traffic areas will remain strong and secure in the future. It will also restrict any existing cracking damage (that the overlay is covering) from quickly spreading to the rest of the asphalt surface area. As such, you are protecting the rest of your surface too, and not just improving that one area.

An asphalt overlay is a much cheaper preventative measure than waiting for the damage to get worse, and then being forced to commit to a larger resurfacing operation in the future.

Proven Expertise

Blacktop Asphalt Repairs has over 20 years of proven excellence in asphalt repairs. We use industry-leading techniques and materials, our repairs comply with all industry requirements and our asphalt is Australian-made, so you can be assured of satisfaction.