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Speedbumps and Crossovers

If you are looking for service, repairs, or installations of speedbumps and crossovers, Blacktop Asphalt Repairs is the one to call. We have a team of specialists who can install road bump, speed ramp, or driveway crossover. Our team is also experienced in installing speed bumps on private roads. So, whether you need crossovers or speed bumps in a residential or commercial property, simply give us a call.

Speed Bumps

In many cases, the biggest dangers on any road – or in any housing complex or car park area – are speeding vehicles and ‘hoon’ drivers presenting an ongoing safety risk to pedestrians as well as property.

One of the most effective ways to reduce vehicle speed and control driver behaviour is to install speed bumps, which force motorists to drive at the desired speed limit and in a much safer manner.

Speed bumps are neat, easy to install and provide an extremely cost-effective traffic control solution. At Blacktop Asphalt Repairs, we have over 20 years of speed bump experience. Our Australian-made asphalt is quick and easy to lay, safe to walk or drive on almost immediately, and produces no environmental risks or dangerous fumes.

Our all in one package can include installing the speed bumps, as well as arranging signage and even line marking. We ensure that every job is completed to your satisfaction, from the initial phone call up to the completed project.

Driveway Crossover

A driveway crossover allows a smooth transition from road level to your driveway. A well-constructed crossover not only allows easy vehicle access, it also improves the visual appearance of the street and can even increase your property’s value. Crossovers also help to reduce curbside erosion and provide safer walking conditions for pedestrians.

Asphalt is the perfect material for crossovers as it sets very quickly, is extremely low maintenance and does not require any specific sealing – as is required with concrete.

At Blacktop Asphalt Repairs we offer a complete crossover service, using our Australian-made asphalt. There is no job too large or too small, and our dedicated team and equipment will ensure your job is completed quickly and in a professional manner.

We provide our speed bump and crossover services in all Brisbane and Gold Coast areas.